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Latest news

Another record month for Ports of Auckland

10 April 2014
The Container numbers continue their relentless growth, with a new record high at Ports of Auckland in March.

Art-Box NZ makes first stop in round the world journey

26 March 2014
The Art-Box NZ that was commissioned by Maersk Line and Ports of Auckland arrived at Port of Philadelphia yesterday.

The making of Art-Box NZ

ArtBoxNZ is an initiative by Ports of Auckland and Maersk Line to raise awareness of the shipping industry. The 40-foot refrigerated container was painted by Askew One and Trust Me during Ports of Auckland's Open Weekend Festival - SeePort.

The Art-Box is currently headed to New Jersey from Philadelphia where its load of Coromandel GreenShell Mussels will be unloaded and distributed to restaurants and food stores around New York.

Follow the Art-Box on Twitter: #ArtBoxNZ. People that see the traveling Art-Box are encouraged to photograph the painted container and share their images with Maersk Line and Ports of Auckland using the hashtag #ArtBoxNZ, #MaerskLine and #PortsofAuckland.